The short preview, rules of game and safety are explained at the start of this event. Splitting to the teams follows. Each member of the team gets camouflaged suit, safety mask, gloves, flask and a weapon. Compressed air or carbon dioxide gives power to the gelatine bullets filled with various colours. The shooting range is 35 – 40 metres. If the bullet hits an enemy, marks him with the colour. The marked players are temporarily out of the game. Length of each game is approx 10 – 20 minutes depends on the number of fighters. Location of this games is a wide nature arena with lot of hidden spots, foxholes etc.

Paintball game is possible to arrange at almost every location, game field is bordered by the safety web and we use air filled fences and barriers. The game can be enriched with the S.W.A.T assault, smoke grenades, army vehicles etc.


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