Following the footsteps of Indiana Jones


Legendary archaeologist Indiana Jones in June 1935, a month after he found the Ark of the Covenant, went to Czechoslovakia. Its aim was to find a mysterious “Augustinian chest.” Augustinian chest, shrouded in many mysteries and myths, is historically important symbol of a highly prized value. The famous archaeologist was almost within reach of its discovery, searches conducted successful step, but Jones was unexpectedly summoned to Venice Italy to lead a group of archaeologists searching for the Holy Grail. The guests are to continue his work ….

Even before the teams try to find a chest, waiting for their examination of archaeological skills that you check the quest properly. We offer games and competitions: crawl networks, skills monkey run, swing the whip target, a secret encryption, Overcome fear or what vermin what is hidden in containers, chopping machete, blowpipes, etc. Note, however, the religious order which protects the chest carefully.


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