Prague movie makers


In the begging of moviemaker’s event we do short briefing, our speaker introduces movie game and technical rules. Than we divide all participants into small movie crew.

Participants pick up their professions – director, screenwriter, actor and actress, cameraman, lighting technical, clapboard girl, musician etc. The aim is to shoot at least 120 second of commercial spot on company products. Each team might use wide costumes wardrobe, wigs collection and HD movie devices with iPads, MP3 music library.  

Now is time for real filming in the city streets and for great fun. Every team gets map of Prague with famous locations (spots where Hollywood movies were filmed). During the event our cameraman does movie about the movie and later on is time for Academy Award Ceremony. There is projection of all movies on large screen.

Academy gives out the prizes for the best man actor, the best woman actor, the best film etc. 


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