James Bond – 007


Welcome to the world of James Bond, agent 007 from MI6, super spies and motto “shaken not stirred”. Special agents with dark sun glasses are all around and search for hidden weapons with hand detectors.

Sexy Bond girls give out game chips for our Casino Royale. Theme decoration around the room, movie posters, trailers projections on large screens, lifesize 2D Cardboard Cutouts 2D cartoon characters. 

In the special section of MI6 you meet with Mr. Q. and his toys such as robot with camera on remote control, RC helicopter, indoor air soft gun shooting range with revolvers, shotguns and machine guns, deactivating the hidden bomb, night vision binoculars or identikit software. Let print some photos in our mobile photo studio with props, costumes and digital theme background. Enjoy the famous bond’s theme songs and in the end spectacular stunt show performance.


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