Folklore party


We offer traditional Czech Slavonic greetings with bread and salt operated by folklore couples. During the welcome drink guests might to check out and learn more about traditional Czech handicrafts production, which are placed in the wooden stalls. We introduce the loom, pottery, making statues from corn leaflets, gingerbread decorating, basketry or glass painting.

Guests can actively participate and keep the products. During the evening performance of the dulcimer music band and old Bohemian folk music band, musicians use replicas of period instruments. We offer a dance performance featuring various dances and costumes.

The last dance is together with guests, whose are actively involved. We continue with carnival masks show. In the mobile photo studios, guests can borrow costumes and props, pick up stylish background photo, than we print photo immediately.Around the room, on the buffet and banquet tables are distributed themed decorations and props, a wooden wheelbarrow, barrels, fences, sheaves of grain, immortelle and folklore theme motives.


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