Masquerade Ball


In front of the main entrance you might see dancing Venetian masks, masks on stilts and masked dwarves, bubblemakers  produce large bubbles. Mysterious masked servants in black cloaks hand out masks to guests. Welcome, the evening of whirling and dancing masks, jugglers and musicians, Harlequins, Pierrots and spectacular costumes has just begun!

We decorate the venue with painted wooden rods to anchor the gondols, signs, an imitation of a bridge, statues, Italian inscriptions, 2D gondola etc. During the evening you will witness a performance of troubadours, pipers will play the replicas of musical instruments, guests can try to decorate and craft their own masks, visit the fortune teller or see theatre pieces in commedia d’arte style. At the end we offer a performance of an opera singer.

Guests can rent the costumes before the event or they can do so on site. Alternatively, they can visit a photo studio with  thematic background during the evening.


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