Future party


We offer a futuristic party guests arrive before the object, the main entrance designed as an entrance into the intergalactic bar, which is watchful guarded by troops patrol of the galactic empire.

In the bar guests will meet with weird characters from the whole universe, space pilotss and the aliens in latex masks, large masks on stilts, human robots and real robots for remote control.

You can meet with characters from famous sci-fi films like Star Wars, Aliens, Predator and Star Trek. Illuminating cosmic welcome drink is issued by lovely space girls. Guests continue to through the illuminated tunnel ( flashing land UV ights) up to the main room.

The illusion of spacecraft induced by light, audiovisual effects, futuristic decor and large-screen projections (deep space pictures, distant stars, nebulae and other cosmic phenomena). During the evening program with Jedi knights fight their lightsaber show, laser man dance show as well as robot dance performance. In the second part of the evening dance party with DJ. There are interactive 3D video games and RC robot races. In our photo booth you can try our space suits and make some funny photos on the moon. 


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