Dracula party


We offer scary party with the Vampires. Guests arrive at the venue and meet with Professor Van Helsing and his assistants. Guests might hear horror FX sounds such as wolves howling, wailing and away storm, guests pass by burning torches, large iron basket with wood and mist fog.

Dracula arrives on the black horse or in the funeral carriage. Professor’s assistants hand over garlic, holy water and crucifixes. Adventure evening continue with bloody welcome drink and scary tour of interiors. Guests meet with Vampires and their victims, witness a deadly vampire bite of an innocent girl, see a Vampire’s Ball in and dancing hall and even meet with Dracula’s mistresses.

The show continues with gala dinner with stylish decorations and live music band. At the end of the evening professor invite guests into the dungeon to search for Dracula chamber with coffins.

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