Swing time

Arrival of the guests, the way is bordered with little glasses with candles. There is an old-timer in front of the main entrance, policeman keeps a watch on the quiet and order. Paperboy hands round hot newspaper, about a period news from Prague 1928, the bootblack orders his service.

The nobles’ young ladies welcome the guests and control invitation cards. They have make up and hair in style of 20ties. Young ladies offer a red carnations for men, for ladies necklace of pearls. The swing band plays jazz and its nice singer women sing old swing, ragtime and buggie songs.

Whole evening is recording by a period movie crew and screening in black-and-white look. The classical comic from 30ties makes jokes with guests in front of camera. The Prague’s casino is prepared for fun and excitement. Try one’s luck at roulette and Black Jack or only try to play the billiard. During the evening the cabaret’s performances : magician with doves, period dances like Charleston, tango or step dance. Young ladies and men in costumes increase atmosphere of old Prague. Detective Nick Carter try to solve a bank robbery, asking guests for their alibi…


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