Wild West


We offer you traditional wild west event. Upon arrival at the ranch, cowboys in hats and plaid shirts handed out a welcome drink.Our speaker, local sheriff, greets guests and introduces the programme.

Then introduces a horse breed, later a film stunt horses show with stunt skills such ash falling from horses, jumps over the burning straw, falls from the coach, etc.

During the afternoon we offer various wild western games and competitions, horse saddle game, little horse quiz, horseshoe throwing, knife throwing, lassoing on the goal or event gold panning, guests might meet with Indians and try to read animal tracks, guess Indian’s tribes, try archery or revolvers shooting and finally try out hydraulic bull – the rodeo simulator. Every competition is managed by our actors in cowboy, Indian or Mexican costume.

Let us try to ride the horse or enjoy the relax tour in the horse carriage. During the event, we offer country music band and dancing show with traditional country dances.

The program can be applied even in limited version outside the farm. We use wall decorations, backdrop and props, which help us to create a Wild West atmosphere.


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