Themed kids´s parties


Celebrations, birthday parties and other children it is possible tune into the following topics: car party, circus party, dinosaur party, a theater party, the film party, magic party, medieval party, fairytale party, pirate party, cosmic party, cowboys and Indians, safari party and many others,  that our company propose or is suggested directy by kids.

Magic party

In our sorcery workshop, every child can become a little sorcerer or witch. The old magic master teaches children basic magic tricks and illusions.



Children go through the know fairytales, kids participate in thematic competitions, during the game kids meet with Witch, sad princess, dragon,  giant, water sprite, devil, fairyand at the end with King in his inflatable ‘bouncy’ castle.


Adventure game for kids where goodness wins over evil. The story takes us to the pirates, sailors and natives, even with Captain Jack Sparrow and his compass.During the game, children fulfill different tasks and competitions, as they receive new information from the characters and simple clues that lead them to the very end of the game, the treasure of Captain Blackbeard.


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