Lessons of Czech cuisine

We offer funny cooking lessons of traditional Bohemian cuisine. After the short briefing, we divide guests into small teams. Each team gets wooden shop basket, envelope with money, map of Prague and Czech-English dictionary.

First tasks is to find old grandma, she holds all recipes. Than is time to buy necessary ingredients in local shops and markets, dictionary will help you! Once all team got everything they might need, they check the map and find the restaurant. The cooking lesson begins with a welcome speech of the Chef! Each team competes in creating bohemian fruit dumpling, potato soup, pancakes and many other dishes.

Each participant receives cookers hat and plastic apron. In the time when all teams are ready, is time to present and finally taste finished dishes. Everyone is winner.

Everyone is awarded with a wooden spoon and a diploma scroll from Cooks’ guild of Bohemian Kingdom.


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