We offer you a middle age experience, walk to the castle to the castle lord. Guests are accompanied by armed guards, on the way meet with beggars, wandering knights on horseback and villagers of the castle.

In the medieval market square is time for welcome drink, craftsmen demonstrate their art in wooden booths, you can see blacksmiths, basket makers, weavers or rope maker and other craft demonstrations. During the welcome drink costumed characters such as burghers, merchants and knights walk among the guests and act in interactive way. During the welcome drink performance of the old Bohemian music band. The path continues on the castle courtyard, king comes and greets guests, medieval musicians start to play and court dancers start to dance, magicians and jugglers around. We offer middle age games for men and ladies, knight’s games and spectacular jousting tournament. Try out a refreshment area with medieval feast with rich theme decorations. There is a possibility to rent medieval costumes for everyone.

We might arrange medieval theme not only at the authentic locations, but event somewhere else. We use decorative stone walls, backdrops, imitation of medieval buildings and other props and other scenes evoke a medieval time.


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