Latino dances


This dance originated in Cuba and Puerto Rico .. Currently, salsa popular throughout the world and has had several dance styles, including acrobatic elements.

Rueda de Casino
The group dance coming also from Cuba. The rhythm of salsa dancing are more dance couples in the imaginary circle synchronized and complex variations and exchanges.

Traditional Cuban dance that is danced at carnivals and festivals. Danced in pairs, but in dance formation in a very buoyant rhythm.

One of the most popular dances of Latin America (originated in the 50s), which has its roots in the Caribbean, particularly Cuba. The similarity is not coincidental with salsa, mambo because it is one of the dances that influenced the emergence of salsa.

Carnival dance from Brazil, is not bound by rigid rules and therefore is spontaneous and uncontrolled.

Grafting solo show back on the traditional Cuban music.


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